One Happy Drummer – Over 36 Million Views!

Thank you all for watching and enjoying my work.  Drumming has always been a passion of mine.

The amount of outreach and support I’ve received has been overwhelming.  I simply can’t keep up with everything on my personal facebook profile anymore so I created a new facebook page that my fellow drumming fans can go to instead.  Please like my facebook page to stay in touch with everything we’re doing.

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Are you an aspiring drummer looking to hone and develop your own drumming skills?   I’m working on developing an online video course you may be interested in. I’d be honored to have your support!

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The original posted videos (before all the reposts and sharing):

Wayne Oien performs for the crowd in Green Bay, Wisconsin at the Green Bay Gamblers hockey game.

Originally posted by my son, Adam.

Originally posted by my good friend, Larry Hammond.




2011 DCA International Snare Drum Competition – 1st Place Wayne Oien